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Digital Integration in Factories of the Future

Room 5B, 21/10/2015 (14:00-14:45)


The digitisation of manufacturing will transform how we produce goods, the products we create and the types of high-skilled jobs which manufacturing provides. Its effects will be felt beyond the factory floor and will result in true factories of the future.

At ‘Digital Integration in Factories of the Future’ we will discuss how Europe is realising the potential of digitisation in manufacturing through the European Union’s ‘Factories of the Future’ research and innovation programme. We will look beyond the hype and explore the reality.

Four innovative ‘Factories of the Future’ projects will be presented to show the type of research and innovation already underway to make digitisation a reality and to provide an insight into what digitisation means for manufacturing – these projects are Sense&React, MUSIC, CAPP-4-SMEs and Psymbiosys (information on these projects can already be viewed for free via our Innovation Portal:

This session will also include an exchange of views between expert speakers and participants to discuss what has been achieved so far as well as present and potential challenges and opportunities.

We are making the digitisation of factories of the future a reality. Join us at this networking session to find out how, to share your views and to help us to shape our future activities.



This networking session will centre on an open exhange of views between expert speakers from four 'Factories of the Future' projects and participants.

The session will open with an introduction to the topic and the 'Factories of the Future' programme from EFFRA. Four project case studies will be presented followed by an exchange of views between speakers and participants.

Throughout the session participants will have the opportunity to access the EFFRA Innovation Portal and view information on all 'Factories of the Future' projects.

Expected outcome

The exchange of views between experts and participants will result in the identification of potential challenges, actions to overcome these challenges and also opportunities which should be realised.

Conclusions reached through this networking session will help to inform the manufacturing community of priority areas, approaches and technologies which might be included in the next strategic agenda of research and innovation priorities of the ‘Factories of the Future’ programme.

The presentation of projects will provide participants with a good understanding of what is being done to realise the potential of digitisation in manufacturing and will also open the door to future cooperation.

Participants will have the opportunity to make new contacts in manufacturing, ICT and related fields while also becoming familiar with the research and innovation opportunities offered by the ‘Factories of the Future’ programme.

Organised by: Patrick KENNEDY (European Factories of the Future Research Association, Belgium)

Cluster: ICT for Manufacturing


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