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Technologically Expanded Dance

Location: Innovate Area
Booth number: i21

TeDance began in Lisbon in 2004. This project is based at the Faculty of Human Kinetics - ULisboa, and is coordinated by Daniel Tércio, a member of the research centre INET-MD. In 2008, TeDance integrated a network conceived by Ivani Santana called “Map and Program of Arts in Digital Dance – MAPA D2”, a virtual platform for interchange, broadcast and streaming dance and performance from IberoAmerica.

In 2014, a telematic event in Lisbon, Salvador da Bahia and Santiago do Chile introduced a new dimension of staging. Displacing the usual compositional body presence into a stage network, dancers and technologists shared graphics and modulated sounds into a new choreographic environment. The articulation between different technological layers and devices was improved using a motion tracking system. TeDance conceived a new software that turned that device into a sound generator. We believe that this software can open new possibilities in artistic and therapeutics domains.

Website: http://tedance.wordpress.com

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