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Performances as Highly Enriched and Interactive Concert eXperiences

Location: Innovate Area
Booth number: i18

The PHENICX project aims at improving end-users' experience in the frame of classical music in large ensemble settings (mainly orchestra). We intend to transform concerts into multimodal, multi-perspective and multilayer digital objects that can easily be explored, customized, personalized, (re)enjoyed and shared.

At ICT 2015, we will demonstrate how music data processing technologies, social interaction facilities and best practices from user studies can be combined to offer broad audiences an enriched integrated experience before, during and after a concert. We will discuss the underlying technologies and innovations, showcase earlier live tests with orchestras, but also will offer the ICT 2015 audience the chance to have a digitally enriched concert experience of a live piano performance supported by live visualizations and synchronized additional editorial content.


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