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Inclusive Introduction of Integrated Care

Location: Connect Area
Booth number: C09

INCA aims to propose a model that promotes higher coordination of socio-sanitary services while reducing costs, improving patient experience and achieving greater efficiency from health delivery systems.

The inclusive approach of INCA can help to remove technological barriers for patients’ engagement and leverage integrated care programmes in Member States. This would lead to operational deployment of novel organizational models and care pathways for integrated care.

The initiative contributes to the current state-of-the-art in Chronic Disease Management, aspiring to integrate or facilitate the integration of social programs beyond the clinical vision of the care chain provision.

INCA puts the patient at the centre of a personalised network of stakeholders (Social Services, Health providers, Caregivers…), empowering them to communicate directly with their circle of care.

Website: http://www.in3ca.eu

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