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No One Left Behind

Pocket Code & No One Left Behind Project

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The No One Left Behind project creates a new generation of Pocket Code, a learning application for mobile devices. This app allows teenagers to create their own games, animations or interactive videos, directly on their phones or tablets, thus gaining experience in game creation. It uses a visual programming language and is developed by the free and open source project Catrobat.

Pocket Code has been initiated and developed in Austria at Graz University of Technology and is being validated in three pilot sites set up by the No One Left Behind project in Austria, Spain and UK. Working together with educators, each pilot site addresses a different social inclusion challenge/scenario: gender exclusion, disability and immigration.

In the future, the new generation on Pocket Code will be an empowering tool that supports the achievement of learning objectives as well as the development of creativity, problem solving, logical thinking, system design and collaboration skills.


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