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Personal Interactive Assistant for Independent Living and Active Ageing

Location: Off-site (Praça do Comércio, Lisbon) Area

One of the main problems of Western societies is the increasing isolation of older people, who do not actively participate in society.

The ALFRED project will help to overcome this problem with an interactive virtual butler for older people, which aims to:

• Provide a very high end-user acceptance by using a fully voice controlled and non-technical user interface. This will allow a seamless support for tasks in and outside the home and empower them to live independently for longer;

• Slow down age-related physical and cognitive impairments with the help of personalized serious games;

• Foster active participation in society by suggesting and managing events and social contacts;

• Improve the caring process by offering direct access to vital signs for (informal) carers. The data is collected by unobtrusive wearable sensors monitoring the vital signs allowing alerts in case of inconsistencies.

Website: http://www.alfred.eu

Watch a video presentation.

ID: 14900
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