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Date: 09/11/2017 (09:30-11:00)

The Innovation Radar Prize 2017 recognises and champions excellence in new technologies and innovations, from EU-funded research and innovation projects. The innovators come from every corner of Europe: there are small and medium enterprises, university teams, cross-border research teams, spin-offs and start-ups. In the 2 pitching sessions the 20 finalists will pitch their innovations to a jury of investors and professionals active in Europe's startup ecosystem. They are competing in 5 categories, with 4 finalists in each category:

In this session there will be a total of ten 3 minute pitches delivered. There will be pitches from:

At 4pm in the afternoon of Nov 9th there will be an award ceremony the winners will be announced.

The 20 finalists come from the original longlist of 48 innovators. The 20 finalists are those who were in the top 4 of each category in terms of votes secured in the public vote.

The winners will be chosen by a jury of four members. The jury members are professionals with a track record in entrepreneurship, investment (e.g. Business Angels, or VCs) or experience in start-up accelerator communities. The jury members are:

More details about the jury.

Recording of the session

Coordinator: Eoghan O'NEILL (European Commission, DG CONNECT, Belgium)

ID: 19972