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Networking session

Date: 09/11/2017 (09:30-11:00)

Within the next decade cybersecurity and privacy technologies should become complementary enablers of the EU digital economy, ensuring a trusted networked ICT environment for governments, businesses and individuals. The EU ambition is to become a world leader in secure digital economy. The compliance of the European infrastructures, products and services with relevant directives/regulations (e.g. NIS , eIDAS , GDPR , proposal for an e-Privacy regulation) and standards will promote trust and confidence to the European consumers and providers/suppliers, paving the way for a competitive, trustworthy Digital Single Market.

The Work Programme for 2018-2020 will contribute to the implementation of relevant policy goals such as the Cyber Security Strategy (ref. JOIN(2013)1 final, COM(2016) 410 final, JOIN(2017) 450 final), as well as efforts to strengthen the European security industry and the Digital Single Market.

The actions presented in this session are part of the Commission's contribution to the Cybersecurity contractual Public Private Partnership launched in July 2016.

The session will start with presentations by the European Commission of the content of the topics, preceded by an overview of the policy context with emphasis on the Communication JOIN(2017)450 final 'Resilience, Deterrence and Defence: Building strong cybersecurity for the EU'.

Then the European Cybersecurity Organization ECSO) will give some information on their activities, in relation with the Cybersecurity cPPP. After that, the SEREN3 group of National Contact Points will give some information on their activities relevant for the topics presented. To conclude the session, potential proposers will have the possibility to take the floor for short presentations (3 minutes each maximum) of their ideas or call for collaboration. If you are willing to do so, please register (mandatory!) here below by uploading your presentation before the 7th November 6:00pm. As time will be limited, we may ask to shorten them, or limit their number.

Recording of the session

Agenda and other documents

Coordinator: Rafael TESORO CARRETERO (European Commission, Cybersecurity and Digital Privacy - Unit H1, Belgium)

Track: Societal Challenges


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Sandra VIDAL WEISCH, 07/11/2017 21:09

Sandra VIDAL WEISCH, 06/11/2017 18:29

I am attending this session in order to contact interested proposers of projects so that I can introduce REACH Consultancy's experience with supporting services in writing proposals, consortium building (including cooperation with non-EU countries) and project management.

If you are interest don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

Sandra Vidal Weisch



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