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Networking session

Date: 10/11/2017 (11:30-13:00)

The presentation will introduce the ICT-29-2018 topic of the H2020 ICT WP 2018-2020 "A multilingual Next Generation Internet". The presentation will focus on two action lines called for under this topic:

a) an "Innovation Action" for a European Language Grid

b) "Research and Innovation Actions" for domain-specific/challenge-oriented Human Language Technology.

The background for the call, the challenge and relevant information will be presented including the intended scope and impact of the actions called for.

Proposers are welcome to briefly present on stage their proposal idea or the institution they represent in view of establishing new collaborations in the context of this call. The duration of each presentation should not exceed 2-3 minutes, max. 3-4 slides. Preference will be given to presentations of proposal ideas over presentations of individual organisations or labs!

Suggestions for presentations can be submitted by 2 November 24h00 CET. Presenters will be informed if they are accepted. All presentations, selected & non-selected, will be published on the event website.

Please submit your request with slides using the link "submit your own" below or via the "My event" page.

Recording of the session

Agenda and other documents

Coordinator: Aleksandra WESOLOWSKA (European Commission, DG CONNECT Unit G3 Learning, Multilingualism and Accessibility, Luxembourg)

Track: NGI & 5G


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