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Networking session

Date: 09/11/2017 (16:00-17:30)

The session will provide information about the EUROPEAN AI-ON-DEMAND PLATFORM called for in 2018: ICT-26-2018-2020: Artificial Intelligence

The ultimate goal is to develop a European AI-on-demand platform mobilising the European AI community to support businesses and sectors in accessing expertise, knowledge, algorithms and tools to successfully apply AI thereby generating market impact.

The platform should:

• serve as a central point to gather and provide access to AI-related knowledge, algorithms and tools;

• support potential users of AI in order to facilitate the integration of AI into applications;

• facilitate the interaction with existing data portals needed for AI algorithms, and resources, such as HPC or cloud computing, and support interoperability.

After a presentation of the Call and its expectations, proposers will be given the opportunity to present proposal ideas to the audience in order to support the building of consortia and proposals.

The expected audience is very broad, from the pure AI stakeholders to the Big Data, Robotics, IoT, HPC, Cloud, Networking-Communication communities as well, covering the entire value chain, from academia to industry, to end-users. Integrators, platform providers are also particularly important. The end-user community addresses both SME and large companies, be it in high tech sector, or more traditional sectors not yet using AI and for which AI is expected to bring major added value.

Recording of the session

Agenda and other documents

Coordinator: Cecile HUET (European Commission, Robotics and AI, Luxembourg), Antonio Enrique PUENTE RODERO (European Commission, DG CNECT - Unit A1 - Robotics & Artificial Intelligence, Luxembourg)

Track: NGI & 5G


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