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Our proposal idea is about creating a new application of Cloud and IoT technology, designed to help first-responders and paramedics gain instant access to critical medical information in an emergency. The main concept of this proposal is finding new ways of helping people get in touch and exchange valuable or critical information by using contactless technologies such as RFID Beacons and Near Field Communication ('NFC').

Anyone can potentially benefit from this application. However, for those with a known medical condition, the elderly or anyone taking prescribed drugs, it is particularly vital.

On the other hand, everyone can become a “volunteer” in a relevant network, ready to respond in case of health emergency. First responders (volunteers) will have instant access to one’s critical information in the case of emergency. The result will be a open platform easy to adapt different similar initiatives!

Relevant H2020 calls: EUB-01-2017, EUB-02-2017

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Submitted by: Nikos BOGONIKOLOS (Zeus Consulting S.A., R&D, Greece)

Networking session: R&D Targeted Cooperation with Brazil

Topic: EUB-02-2017


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