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Leveraging successful EU-Brazil collaboration to date:

2013: The first EUBrazil collaborative platform created for Biodiversity

2015: EUBrazil Federated environment for cross-disciplinary science

2016: EUBrazil Secure and QoS-aware BigData Cloud Platform

2016: a unique EU-Brazil Research forum to support EU-Brazil Policy Dialogue in ICT, including a gap analysis to support the economy of the two regions

We propose a unique, intercontinental experimentation cloud technological framework infrastructure made up with the excellence of skills and competences in the two regions, to integrate cutting-edge software applications for societal challenges common to Europe & Brazil, ensuring policy coordination with the principal agencies of the two regions.

Links and Documents

Submitted by: Sara PITTONET GAIARIN (Trust-IT Services, Italy)

Networking session: R&D Targeted Cooperation with Brazil

Topic: EUB-01-2017


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