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Open Platform as a Service on cloud allowing development of evolutive (objects, protocols, decision methods, services) IoT applications for environmental monitoring with identity, discovery, virtualization, end-to-end security (identification, authentication, data integrity, confidentiality)

STEM integrates intelligent passive (on development) and active (in production) test automation methods - automated intelligent generation of test cases, automated configuration, binding and execution of the test engine, automated arbitration, reporting, automated dynamic scheduling and reactive planning of test campaigns.

Real-world use case Pilot for environmental monitoring (air quality) developed with STEM.


- Facilitate and enhance policy coordination between the EU and Brazil in relevant areas

- Empower citizens, businesses, public services for environmental monitoring

- Validate technologies and architectures for environment monitoring.

- Validate the related business model for sustainability of the approach

- Establish common benchmarks, contribute to the standardization, establish open source and open data repositories

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Submitted by: Libero MAESANO (Simple Engineering, Research, France)

Networking session: R&D Targeted Cooperation with Brazil

Topic: EUB-02-2017


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