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ICT Proposers' Day 2016

Services and a distributed ecosystem for Active and Healthy Ageing supporting

Active and Healthy Ageing is provided by dynamic infrastructure of distributed repositories of semantical interoperable services from which any individual patient pathway (patient-specific workflows) can be composed. Ontologies are used not only to gather portable personal devices data and behavioral and environmental data and to integrate data formats, software tools as a service collection, but also to analytic processing of data across the healthcare ecosystem. The last ones may include also insights and inform actions for patients, care providers, health payers and insurers, and life science companies. Events in the ecosystem with semantically-enhanced event-driven service-oriented architecture

(SEMSOA) can be initiated by patients, doctors, and devices outcomes. Solutions can be expanded across the health continuum, from healthy living, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, recovery and home care, to truly impact patients' health at the individual and population levels and to the most clinically and cost-effective treatments to apply. The above-mentioned ecosystem will be designed and developed to be part of and benefit from the European Open Science Cloud.

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Submitted by: Anatoly PETRENKO (Institute for Applied System Analysis of NTUU “Kiev Polytechnic Institute”, Ukraine, Department of System Design, Ukraine)

Topic: SC1-PM-15-2017


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