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ICT Proposers' Day 2016

Services and a distributed ecosystem for Active and Healthy Ageing supporting

One-stop shop for health information can be created by building a smart healthcare ecosystem where patients' health parameters can be permanently monitored by the networked medical heterogeneous devices and solutions, and then used for decision making together with the structured EHR data, unstructured clinical notes, medical imaging data, etc. Effectively integrating and efficiently analysing various forms of healthcare data over a period of time can answer many of the impending healthcare problems in Active and Healthy Ageing.

Let’s imagine that every medical sensor (or another data resource) of that ecosystem has its own URI allowing doctors and patients interact with it via the web browser, and at the same time every sensor can have the software interface – a set of web services allowing intelligent software agents to interact with it (analyse the data etc.) on behalf of doctors and patients.

Due to such ecosystem, healthcare is migrating from episodic and fragmented illness response to a patient-centric model of care delivery. We are going to develop distributed repositories of services related to processes of data collection and storing from all data sources (and developing the ontology of these services). These repositories will include:

 Ontology-based services for gathering the various portable wearable devices output data.

 Ontology-based services for managing the EHR data, clinical notes, claims, medical imaging data, etc.

 Ontology-based services for capturing the information of patients’ behaviour.

 Services for identifying patients at risk of becoming ill or developing a serious condition by constant patients’ monitoring and personalizing healthcare.

 Services for insights synthesis and information of patients, health professionals, health payers and insurers, and life science companies actions.

 Services for aggregating individual patients’ data across a community into a broader, meaningful view of health and healthcare in a particular region to support healthcare migrating from episodic and fragmented illness response to a patient-centric model of public healthcare.

The mechanism of customer-driven medical applied software development will be provided by compositing and orchestrating dynamically discovered services from developed repositories to form the individual patient pathway (patient-specific workflows) of monitoring and treatment, taking into account different existing rules, regulations and standards.We propose also to establish connection between data sources, patients, doctors and healthcare organizations by developing a healthcare ecosystem in the Cloud for data sharing across the entire ecosystem, using SaaS and IaaS technologies.

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Submitted by: Anatoly PETRENKO (Institute for Applied System Analysis of NTUU “Kiev Polytechnic Institute”, Ukraine, Department of System Design, Ukraine)

Networking session: ICT for Active and Healthy Ageing

Topic: SC1-PM-15-2017



Peter SINCAK, 14/09/2016 15:23

Hi - I would like to meet ....

Our expertise in Cloud Robotics in AAL.

Can we schedule a meeting ??? You can find our profile under Peter Sincak (Center for Intelligent techhnologies) .


Anatoly PETRENKO, 15/09/2016 07:47 in reply to Peter SINCAK

Unfortunately I can't come this month, and therefore I offer a virtual meeting through e-mail which is my profile. SOA in Robotics is a classical example of service implementation.


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