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Help! I am a Proposal Coordinator! Proposal Coordination in Horizon 2020

Date: 26/09/2016 (15:00-16:30)

Coordinating a proposal is a daunting task. Finding just the right idea, finding just the right consortium, keeping to schedule, interpreting all the diverse requirements, and having a life outside proposal coordination are just some of the challenges.

The workshop, moderated by Paul Drath, will look at how successful and unsuccessful proposals have been developed and present recommendations on how proposals can be advanced and submitted without feelings of despair.

The results of this interactive discussion will help:

  • Individuals and organisations to better coordinate proposals,
  • Potential partners to understand what a good coordinator does and how to be a good partner,
  • The European Commission to understand coordinators' challenges.
  • National Contact Points in giving advice to proposers.


  • Welcome and introduction, Tour de table – coordinators,
  • A tale of two proposals, what went right, what went wrong,
  • Coordinators' experience,
  • Dos and Don'ts for coordinators,
  • Questions and answers.

For further information about activities, such as the Face2Face brokerage event organised at ICT 2016 by Ideal-ist, visit:


Recording of the session

Agenda and other links and documents

Coordinator: Paul DRATH (Singleimage Limited, Singleimage Limited, United Kingdom)

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