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ICT Proposers' Day 2016

ICT-enabled open government

Networking session

Societal Challenges, 27/09/2016 (09:30-12:00)

Modernising public administrations using ICT and facilitating the interaction with administrations have been on the eGovernment agenda for over a decade. The digital revolution, enhanced connectivity, openness and transparency lead to higher expectations of public administration performance, but are also an opportunity to equip public administrations for the 21st century. The steady integration of new technologies into the everyday lives of people, businesses and governments is helping to open up public administrations, offering opportunities for more collaborative relationships that allow relevant stakeholders to collaborate in the design and delivery of public services and policies. It requires effective collaboration across government departments and with non-governmental actors. It needs reflecting upon the likely changes in government's role and its ability to deliver public value. It requires opening up public data, services and processes so that they can be re-used between administrations to avoid duplication, but also to enable collaborative service production and open policy-making, leading to user-friendly, automated services as well as effective policies that integrate available evidence and stakeholders' perspective.

The topics presented in the 2017 Work Programme session will focus on these aspects, by calling for (under Societal Challenge 6):

  • Piloting the co-designing and co-creation of public services, using ICT and relying on open data or open public services (Applied co-creation to deliver public services - Topic: CO-CREATION-04-2017)
  • Research new or improved methods and tools for new types of evidence-informed policy design and implementation and by supporting networking of relevant stakeholders in the areas of data-driven policy-making and policy-modelling to identify methods, tools, technologies and applications for their implementation in the public sector (Policy-development in the age of big data: data-driven policy-making, policy-modelling and policy-implementation - Topic: CO-CREATION-06-2017);
  • Research on how public administrations can become open and collaborative, encouraging the engagement and participation of public, private and civil society stakeholders for effective and user-friendly public service design, delivery and policy-making and by bringing together actors inside and outside public administrations to identify good practice cases, discuss and exchange on the transformation of public administrations in Europe and discuss the future role of government in this context (Understanding the transformation of European public administrations - Topic: CULT-COOP-11-2017).

Recording of the session

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Coordinator: Andrea HALMOS (European Commission, DG CNECT, Unit H3, Public Services, Belgium)

Track: Societal Challenges

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