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ICT Proposers' Day 2016

eInfrastructures and European Open Science Cloud

Networking session

Date: 26/09/2016 (13:00-16:30)

The session on the e-infrastructure calls will give an opportunity to potential participants to get an overview of the call topics and to discuss potential co-design opportunities in the context of EINFRA-21-2017 as well as integration and consolidation opportunities in the context of EINFRA-12-2017.

We will explore the following two E-INFRA calls both closing on 29/03/2017: Integration and consolidation of e-infrastructure platforms (topic EINFRA-12-2017) and Prototyping innovative e-infrastructure platforms (topic EINFRA-21-2017).

The main challenges of EINFRA-12-2017 are to make research data accessible, assessable, useable, and wherever possible interoperable to ensure equal opportunities for all European researchers and educators in providing access to essential resources to express their talent and creativity. This will also be supported via the provision of on-demand service-driven e-infrastructure incorporating distributed databases, computing resources and software. The access and preservation platforms for scientific information should also be tackled to make the intellectual capital of Europe available to researchers, business and citizens at large.

The E-INFRA-21-2017 call refers to Platform-driven e-infrastructure innovation to Support to Public Procurement of innovative HPC systems. The overall objective is to prepare the capacity required to future generations of e-infrastructures to be able to respond to the long-term needs of research and education communities in a 5 to 10 years' timeframe. Ensuring a better coordination of demand and supply in the European HPC ecosystem and supporting the evolution of e-infrastructure services based on exascale data resources are key.

Both calls represent concrete steps towards the implementation of the European Open Science Cloud foreseen in the European Cloud Initiative launched in April 2016, through the integration and consolidation of e-infrastructures, the Federation of existing research infrastructures and scientific clouds and the Development of cloud-based services for Open Science. The European Cloud Initiative is part of the package of measures for Digitising European industry aiming to strengthen Europe's position in data-driven innovation, improve its competitiveness and cohesion, and help create a Digital Single Market in Europe.

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Coordinator: Stephanie MATT (European Commission, DG CONNECT, Belgium)

Track: Excellence


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Georg THALLINGER, 26/09/2016 13:23

One topic to be addressed in EINFRA-12-2017(a) is to keep data available in the ESOC useable. Dataformats and structures are changing all time, so data useable today might not bue usanle anymore in 5 years from now. This issue is in particular valid for audiovisual content (which in most cases is very tedious to collect, mainly due to rights issues). Happy to discuss tthis further!


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