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R&D Targeted Cooperation with Brazil

Networking session

Date: 27/09/2016 (11:30-13:00)

Cloud Computing

This is the second coordinated call with Brazil in the area of Cloud Computing. In this call, the focus of the joint research will be the development of innovative technologies for next generation cloud infrastructures and services able to cope with the challenges from different application domains in business and societal contexts. The technologies to be developed should aim at future standardization as well as take into account interoperability and data portability issues. The research collaboration will also facilitate and enhance policy coordination between the EU and Brazil in relevant areas.

IoT pilots

In order to make use of the rich potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) in real-world scenarios, technologies and tools developed so far need to be demonstrated in controlled environments with the ultimate goal of validation. Given the specific nature of this Call, widely replicable pilots are targeted in view of solving specific societal challenges, in the context of EU-Brazil cooperation.

The joint call would support three pilots each addressing a distinct area among the following areas of interest for EU-Brazil collaboration: Environmental monitoring, Utilities: smart water management, Utilities: energy management at home and in building, Smart assisted living and well-being, Smart manufacturing: customization

Pilots should empower citizens, both in the public and private spheres, and businesses, as well as improve the associated public services where appropriate. Pilots are not only expected to validate technologies and architectures for a specific set of use cases requirements, but also the related business models to guarantee the sustainability of the approach. Security and privacy aspects relating to access to and processing of collected information need to be properly taken into consideration.

5G Networks

The focus of the joint research in 5G Networks will be to test and validate - through prototypes and user experiments - technologies currently contemplated for early 5G standardisation, primarily at radio access level but with a clear use case focus. The work could address specific vertical use case scenarios, namely 1) massive Machine-type Communications (mMTC) / Ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency Communications (URLL) or 2) coverage of low population density areas. For this latter case, validation of spectrum options is in scope.

Recording of the session

Agenda and other links and documents

Coordinator: Maria TSAKALI (European Commission, DG CONNECT E2, Belgium), Jorge PEREIRA (European Commission, DG CONNECT E1, Belgium), Georges LOBO (European Commission, CONNECT - Internet of Things, Belgium)

Track: Future Networks & International


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