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ICT Proposers' Day 2016

Customised and Low-Power Computing

Networking session

Components & Systems, 27/09/2016 (14:00-15:30)

Information and Communication Technologies are becoming a core component of products in all market sectors. The trend towards Smart Anything Everywhere must be supported by innovations allowing a very significant reduction of the cost and complexity of software development for modern architectures, and of the energy footprint of computation and communication.

A complementary challenge comes from the hardware limitations of today's processor architectures, especially for delivering high computing performance in low power envelopes. This is a serious problem for the development of very promising application areas, e.g. at the convergence between high performance computing, big data and deep learning.

To overcome these limitations, there is the need to develop a new generation of innovative, secure and reliable processors for systems based on highly parallel and heterogeneous architectures. Targeted markets are high performance computing and server workloads where energy efficiency, compact physical size and low power consumption are strong requirements.

This session will discuss software and hardware technologies for tomorrow's low energy, heterogeneous and highly parallel computing, focusing on the applications for industrial and professional markets, e.g. cyber-physical and autonomous systems. The core technical objective is reducing the effort needed to include digital technology inside any type of product or service through innovative software and hardware solutions.

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Coordinator: Sandro D'ELIA (European Commission - DG CNECT, CNECT.A.2, Belgium), Anne-Marie SASSEN (European Commission, CNECT A2, Belgium)

Track: Components & Systems


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