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ICT Proposers' Day 2016

Micro-Nano Electronics

Networking session

Date: 26/09/2016 (10:30-12:00)

The continuous integration of transistors is facing a transition. The main characteristics are a more and more complex integration, both on technological and on economical standpoints, but also an enormous quantity of transistors available on an integrated circuit. It is clear that a wide range of new applications and developments are emerging thanks to this abundance of transistors at the circuit level (e.g., Internet of Things, mobile devices, wearables). But, it is also clear that this transition is reflected in the recent restructuring of the semiconductor industry worldwide.

The European Union, based on the strategy on electronics proposed 3 years ago, is accompanying this transition at the Research and Innovation levels along 3 major directions: (i) early R&D on new approaches to scale functional performance substantially beyond the state-of-the-art technologies with a focus on ultra-low power and high performance, (ii) 3D integration schemes, and (iii) innovation in semiconductor equipment.

This approach aims at bridging the gap between the upstream Future and Emerging Technologies programme and the higher TRL developments in the ECSEL Joint Undertaking.

This session intends to provide a set of short presentations of emerging topics related to the 3 directions above, with the objectives to:

  • promote new fundamental advances and the possibility to bring them to the next stage of research,
  • present the industry interests in these new advances,
  • start cooperation between the different actors of the research value chain, from academia , research organisations and industry.

Recording of the session

Agenda and other links and documents

Coordinator: Oana RADU (European Commission, Belgium), Eric FRIBOURG-BLANC (European Commission, DG CONNECT, Belgium)

Track: Components & Systems


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