Xavier LE ROUX

BiodivERsA - France


Xavier LE ROUX, Senior researcher, INRA Lyon (France)
Coordinator of BiodivERsA
Member of the Academy of Europe; www.ae-info.org/ae/User/Le_Roux_Xavier

Roles in science programming and evaluation, and science-society interfacing:
• Development of the European Research Area on biodiversity and ecosystem services as leader of the BiodivERsA European network, gathering 39 Ministries and agencies from 25 countries ==> Visit http://www.biodiversa.org
• Development of links between biodiversity scientists and stakeholders as previous Director of FRB, a foundation set up in 2008 to bring together public research bodies, the corporate sector involved in biodiversity management, environmental organizations, and business
==> Visit http://www.fondationbiodiversite.fr
• Member of boards at the national/international level, including the Development Team of the Natural Assets Knowledge Action Network of Future Earth, the Scientific and Technical Advisory Board for LifeWatch ERIC, the Committee of the Dutch Research Infrastructure programme, the AEI Committee for Spanish Centres and Units of excellence, the 'Biodiversity' Committee of the French AllEnvi, and the French committee for global change

Scientific skills and experiences:
• Skills in ecosystem and microbial ecology and biodiversity. Over 115 papers published in international peer-reviewed journals
• I have been the scientific leader of the national scientific expertise on ‘Agriculture and biodiversity’ required by the French ministries of Ecology and Agriculture