Executive Director
Health and Environnement Alliance (HEAL) - Belgium


Génon Jensen is the Founder and Executive Director of the Health and Environment Alliance, also known as HEAL, with more than 20 years of experience in environmental health issues. She has been an official member of the World Health Organisation’s European environment and health process, representing the health sector since 2000, and sits on the Bureau. She is a founding member of the Global Climate and Health Alliance (GCHA), serving on its board, as well as serving on the board of IPEN and leading the EDC-Free Europe NGO coalition.
She has been involved in numerous EU research projects to contribute the science to policy transfer, and stakeholder consultation and dissemination including ESCAPE, COPHES, APHKOEM and current projects such as HERA, FREIA and ATHLETE.
Genon’s recent articles include The role of civil society and organisations (Oxford Textbook of Nature and Public Health. The role of nature in improving the health of a population, 2018), and Why health concerns should prompt an ambitious Paris package (Outreach magazine, 2015).