bwcon GmbH - Germany


Dr Jähnert is CEO of bwcon GmbH and has been head of staffed office of bwcon e.V. since 2012. Here he was, amongst others, responsible for the overall ICT2020+ strategy process of Baden-Württemberg on behalf of the Ministry for Finance and Economy and the Ministry of Science, Research and Art.
He studied telecommunications at Politecnico di Milano and the University of Stuttgart where he received the degrees Dr.-Ing and Dipl.-Ing in Electrical Engineering. Furthermore, Jürgen holds a degree in Marketing from the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin where he worked on pricing mechanisms for future mobile wireless networks.
In 1997 Jürgen joined the Communication Systems group of the University of Stuttgart computer centre where he has worked on several ICT, IST, ACTS and Telematics projects in the area on mobile and broadband communication and service architectures. In 2009 Jürgen was appointed general director of the IT Services department of the University of Stuttgart, managing a team of roughly ten researchers involved in European projects and an additional 40 engineers.
In 2011 Jürgen became Head of the ICT and Technology Networks division of MFG, the Innovation Agency for ICT and Media of Baden-Württemberg comprising 20 project managers dedicated to the innovation process.