Senior Researcher
University of Patras - Greece


Niki Kousi is a Mechanical Engineer and has been working as a senior researcher for the Laboratory of Manufacturing Systems and Automation (LMS) at the University of Patras. Her activities are oriented on research and development in cutting edge scientific and technological fields. Particular emphasis is given to the co-operation with European industry as well as with a number of hi-tech firms.
In LMS, Niki has been involved in numerous industry driven projects, gaining experience in development and implementation of manufacturing innovation and business strategies. This has been accomplished in co-operation with universities, industry and research institutes. She has been leading teams of professional staff, engaging a broad array of stakeholders in industrial research projects as well as private cooperation with industry. Budget managing and raising funds have been also key activities.
Niki has been working, on behalf of LMS, as a project coordinator of the THOMAS project, dealing with advanced robotics and automation applications for highly flexible production systems. She specialises in the design of tools for the digital representation and dynamic shop floor reconfiguration employing mobile robot workers. She is also experienced in the design and piloting of seamless human robot collaborative applications in manufacturing environments.