Teens In AI Ambassador
Teens In AI - United Kingdom


As an inspiring junior, Sara has been attending hackathons since the age of 14, bringing to life ideas that would benefit those around her. She worked on a collaborative project that allowed a robot to play a mobile game by building a series of neural networks. This inspired her to investigate other ways in which AI could be used to improve the world we live in. Sara first gained recognition when she wrote a response to the House of Lords report on AI in the UK, which lead her to speak at different AI conferences on the importance of giving voice to, and involving young people in, conversations about technology and its impact on societies.
At the UN AI for Good Global Summit, and the EU AI Stakeholder Summit, Sara gave talks about how young people should carefully consider the ethics behind their product and the implication it would have if they did not. She also opened the conversation about how new technologies could revolutionise education systems. She shares her story to inspire others to follow a similar path to create AI for Good. Sara is passionate about creating social change in the tech industry.