CEO & Founder
Science for Change - Spain


Rosa Arias is the CEO and founder of Science for Change, a start-up that promotes social innovation through the use of participatory strategies, citizen science and co-creation to tackle societal challenges. Her work includes the creation of the citizen science app OdourCollect, a tool to build up collaborative odour maps and empower citizens in affected communities. Rosa is an expert in odour pollution, citizen science, and Horizon 2020 projects, in areas such as SwafS, the environment, the circular economy and waste management, and works as expert evaluator for the EC (SwafS and SC5 calls). She coordinates the D-NOSES project for the Ibercivis Foundation, which is changing the paradigm of traditional odour management using open science tools. She is an active member of the COST Action in Citizen Science and partner in the project EU-Citizen.Science, and actively promotes citizen science at national level in Spain.
Finally, she is a technical advisor in Climate change and energy futures of the bottom-up Spanish initiative Science in the Parliament, which has successfully advocated for the creation of an advisory office of science to the Parliament, to inform new policies based on scientific evidence.

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