Jens Vinge NYGAARD

Associate Professor
Aarhus University - Denmark


Jens Vinge Nygaard is a researcher with a Ph.D. in Material Science. His 20-year research experience in Biomedical Engineering covers Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine.
In his research, Nygaard focuses on the production and characterization of micro- and nano-functionalised biomaterial, especially their performance as implants, stem cell carriers and drug delivery agents.
With eight patents and two university spinout companies, Jens Vinge Nygaard is an expert in translational innovative technology. As the former Head of Mechanical Engineering at Aarhus University, Denmark, his responsibilities have been to establish the research teams behind the educational programme and to strengthen university outreach activities to the benefit of local industry. As Head of Mechanical Engineering as well as in his research, Nygaard has years of experience with university driven innovation and entrepreneurship.
Currently, Jens Vinge Nygaard is involved in the Open Science initiative SPOMAN at Aarhus University. SPOMAN is a consortium of universities, companies and spinouts. This private-public network initiative finds sustainable solutions to generic problems arising from the omnipresent usage of plastics in the world.

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