University of Birmingham - United Kingdom


Eugenia (Éva) Valsami-Jones is a Professor of Environmental Nanoscience at the University of Birmingham, where she is also Director of the Facility for Environmental Nanoscience Analysis and Characterisation, and Director of the MRes programme on Environmental and Biological Nanoscience. She has coordinated the FP7 projects NanoReTox, ModNanoTox and NanoMILE and is currently coordinating the Horizon 2020 project ACEnano. She is also leading the EC’s NanoSafety Cluster
Professor Valsami-Jones’ research focuses around the mechanisms involved in nanoscale processes in a biological and environmental context. She has studied the reactivity and potential toxicity, fate and transformations of nanomaterials in the environment. She has pioneered the development of traceable stable-isotope labelled nanomaterials and is currently working on the development of analytical solutions for the improvement in speed and quality of identification of nanoscale objects in complex matrices.
Professor Valsami-Jones was the Mineralogical Society’s Distinguished Lecturer for 2015 and the Distinguished Guest Lecturer and Medallist of the Royal Society of Chemistry for 2015. She has published over 150 scientific publications and made numerous congress communications.

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