Madeleine CLARKE

Executive Director
Genio - Ireland


Madeleine Clarke is Executive Director and Founder of Genio, which transforms social services by working with government and philanthropy to support people in leading self-determined lives in a context where many countries are confronting shortfalls in providing current levels of services to future populations. Awareness is increasing that standardised social services that are not tailored to meet individual needs are expensive and unsustainable.
Genio has developed a model to bring about reform using private funding as a catalyst to reconfigure public spending to demonstrate and scale service improvements. Genio is currently exploring the application of this model within an international context.
Prior to establishing Genio, Madeleine worked in the social sector for thirty years as a professional psychologist, senior manager and independent consultant working with statutory, philanthropic and non-governmental agencies.
Madeleine is the current Chair of the European Venture Philanthropy Association, a membership association of over 200 organisations interested in, or practising, venture philanthropy and social investment across 29 countries in Europe.
She holds an M.A. Psychology from University College Dublin and an M.Sc. [Econ.]from the University of Wales.

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