Robert BRAUN

Senior Researcher
Institute for Advanced Studies - Austria


Robert Braun is tenured senior researcher at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna. He studied philosophy of arts and history at the University of Budapest and in 2002 he did his Ph.D. in philosophy. He is also Associate Professor at Corvinus University in Budapest.
He was Pro-Rector of the International Business School in Budapest 2014-2015. His main research interest is the politics of knowledge and societal transformation. His current research focuses on the transition to autonomous mobility and responsible research and innovation. His latest work includes: Privacy, Democracy and Social Fairness In The Future Road Transport System, in Alonso Raposo, M. and Ciuffo, B. (Eds.) The Future of Road Transport - Implications of An Automated, Connected, Low-Carbon and Shared Mobility (Luxembourg: EU PO, 2019) and Corporate Stakeholder Democracy (New York: CEU University Press, 2019).