Lynkeus - Italy


Edwin Morley-Fletcher is President of Lynkeus (www.lynkeus.eu) and former Professor of Administration Science within the Faculty of Politics, University of Rome La Sapienza.
He was a member of the National Council for Economy and Labour (CNEL) and chairman of the CNEL Working Group on the Social Market from 1995 to 2000, Senior Fellow at the School of Public Policy at UCLA in 1999, and Jean Monnet Fellow at the EUI in 1989.
He has been an advisor of the Gaslini Foundation, Genoa, and of the Bambino Gesù Hospital, Rome, for several years and has led the Healthcare Governance and Technology working group within the ASTRID Foundation, Rome.
From 2006 he has led a number of EU-funded research projects in the area of ICT for Health: Project Manager of the FP6 IP Health-e-Child (2006-2010) and of the FP7 STREP Sim-e-Child (2010-2012), Project Manager of the FP7 IP MD-Paedigree, Co-ordinator of the FP7 STREP Cardioproof, and co-author of the Roadmap on In Silico Clinical Trials within the FP7 Avicenna CSA.
Edwin is currently coordinating MyHealthMyData (2016-2019), an H2020 RIA, which aims to guarantee privacy and security of healthcare data by introducing a distributed, peer-to-peer architecture, based on Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Personal Data Accounts, providing an open biomedical information network centred on the connection between organisations and the individual.

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