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Deputy Director, CEA LIST - European Affairs

Gregorio Ameyugo is Deputy Director of CEA LIST in Paris. He is in charge of European programmes and International Development for the institute.

CEA LIST's 800 researchers specialise on digital technologies, robotics, cyberphysical systems and Artificial Intelligence. CEA LIST is a co-founder of the Alliance Industrie du Futur, and leads amongst other initiatives the FactoryLab and FFLOR manufacturing testbeds, working with over 200 industry partners to transfer technologies across the country and internationally.

Gregorio is in charge of setting up the DIH DIGIHALL for the regional government of the Ile-de-France Region. The Digital Innovation Hub seeks to federate regional innovation actors and industry, supporting the transformation of industry and building links with other DIHs across Europe to promote the creation of a single European innovation market. The hub is led by CEA and the Systematic industry cluster.

Gregorio is also a board member of the Paris Aerospace cluster, and the French national platform Alliance Industrie du Futur, where he co-chairs the Technology Offer working group and the French/German/Italian working group on Testbeds and outreach to SMEs.

Gregorio has consulted as an expert for French regional governments on manufacturing SME programmes, and an evaluator for the Commission on Artificial Intelligence.

Prior to joining CEA, Gregorio worked for Rolls-Royce, Indra Sistemas and the Airbus Group on R&D, product development and new business creation.

Web site: http://www-list.cea.fr