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Wageningen University & Research
Wageningen Economic Research
Senior Scientist

Dr. Sjaak Wolfert studied Plant Science in Wageningen and finished his PhD ‘Sustainable agriculture: how to make it work?’ in 2002. Currently, he is working as Senior Scientist at Wageningen University & Research in the field of Information Management & ICT in Agri-Food . He coordinates (inter)national projects such as the EU-project Internet of Food and Farm (IoF2020). He is affiliated with the Information Technology Group of Wageningen University and was president of the European Federation of ICT in Agriculture (EFITA). Sjaak is a visionary, challenged by complex problems that require a science-based approach where organizational and technical aspects need to be combined.

Web site: http://www.wur.nl/nl/Expertises-Dienstverlening/Onderzoeksinstituten/Economic-Research.htm