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Deputy director for space

After 25 years spent in Space industry, working on Earth Observation Satellites, Philippe Lattes has reach the Aerospace valley innovation cluster in 2007. Aerospace Valley is the main European cluster dealing with Aeronautic and space with around 900 members (550 Smes). It's located in Toulouse and Bordeaux. Philippe Lattes is in charge of the space sector, wish includes the satellites design and manufacturing, but as well all the services using space data (navigation, earth observation, telecommunication). In this field he has set-up tools to support the development of new services and applications like a dedicated incubator (ESA Bic Sud France), contests for students (ActinSpace), and many European projects in this field (Neptune, Fabspace 2.0, Space2ID, Apsat.....)

Web site: http://www.aerospace-valley.com