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Date: 28/11/2018 (11:45-13:00)

This session will present examples of SMEs that received financial support from different EU funding mechanisms and technological support from DIHs for their digital transformation. They will share how this opportunity helped them grow and the importance of having worked in an international environment. The panel will enable participants to learn about the challenges and barriers faced by SMEs and learn how DIHs can address them through their various services.

Moderator: Merete Nørby, International chief consultant, MADE

Panel interviews and discussion with SMEs having received support from a DIH (selected through an open call)

  • Luis Pérez, Nabladot, Spain (CloudiFacturing, I4MS)
  • Andreas Ocklenburg, cloudSME, Germany (cloudSME, I4MS)
  • Clara García, COMPASSIS, Spain (Fortissimo, I4MS)
  • Stefan Meulesteen, Montr BV, Netherlands (Tetramax, SAE)
  • Cyril Chabert, WEGOTO, France (FED4SAE, SAE)

Forthcoming Open Calls for SMEs

  • Mayte Carracedo, FundingBox, I4MS-GO + DIHNET.EU
  • Rainer Günzler, Hahn-Schickard, Smart4Europe SAE CSA
  • Orsola de Marco, Open Data Institute, Open Data Incubator and Data Pitch
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