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Hall 5, 20/09/2019 (15:00-16:15)

This panel session is organised as part of the European Commission’s public consultation on the Digital Europe Programme (DEP). It will be an open constructive dialogue on harnessing the digital transformation for public services and cultural heritage with the speakers’ views on these two topics. In the panel session, the invited speakers will express their views on the Digital Europe Programme’s proposed objectives to support:

The digital transformation of public services with:

• Platform(s) for the provision of public services and data to European businesses and citizens seamlessly across borders;

• Support for the realisation of the once-only principle across borders;

• Support for interoperability in innovative gov-tech solutions.

The digital transformation of culture with:

• 3D technologies for providing new ways of advancing scientific understanding, handling and restoring damaged or fragile heritage, ensuring digital preservation of cultural artefacts;

• Best practices on use of cutting edge digital technologies;

• Europeana as a catalyst and innovator for cultural heritage institutions;

• A network of competence centres for advanced digitisation of cultural heritage.

Video presentation done by Etienne Tellier from ICONEM on 3D digitisation of endangered cultural heritage sites: https://vimeo.com/361996398

The recorded session is available here (starting from 5h58min to the end): https://bit.ly/2m1fZTj

Agenda and other documents

Coordinator: Cristina MAIER (European Commission, DG CONNECT G2 Interactive Technologies, Digital for Culture & Education, Luxembourg), Katerina PALAMIOTI (European Commision, CNECT H4, Luxembourg)


  • Gail KENT (European Commission, Luxembourg), Speaker
  • Etienne TELLIER (Iconem, Direction, France), Panellist
  • Robert KRIMMER (TalTech - Tallinn University of Technology, Ragnar Nurkse Department of Innovation and Governance, Estonia), Panellist
  • Alenka ZUZEK (Secretary at the Ministry of Public Administration, IT Directorate, Slovenia), Panellist
  • Marit BLANK (European Data Portal, Netherlands), Panellist
  • Rehana SCHWINNINGER-LADAK (Head of Unit - DG CONNECT G2 Interactive Technologies, Digital for Culture and Education, Luxembourg), Moderator
  • Grazyna PIESIEWICZ (Legal and Policy Officer - DG CONNECT H4 eGovernment and Trust, Luxembourg), Moderator


No individual presentations are expected for this session.

However, you are warmly invited to take an active part to the discussion which will follow the interventions of some key stakeholders. You may also contribute by providing your comments below or you may wish to consider replying to the Targeted Consultation on the Digital Europe programme.


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