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Hall 3, 20/09/2019 (10:45-12:00)


The session Cultural Heritage, ICT for Education and Digital Accessibility will focus on presenting the following calls, with detailed information on their challenges, scope and expected impacts:

DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-12-2018-2020 Curation of digital assets and advanced digitisation

Digitisation still focuses mainly on capturing the visual appearance of objects, collections or sites. With heritage being both tangible and intangible, the challenge is to design solutions for generating a comprehensive picture of the studied assets, capturing and re-creating not only visual and structural information, but also stories and experiences together with their cultural, historical and social context and their evolution over time.

The call focuses on the curation and preservation of digital assets. Proposals should provide new technologies and methods that enable, among others, richer experiences, storytelling and the linking of physically separated objects and sites, and tangible and intangible heritage. It should pay attention to the emergence of more dynamic and personalised digital resources, which pose new issues in terms of curation and preservation.

DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-20-2020: European Competence Centre for the preservation and conservation of Monuments and Site

Digital technology can help preserve the knowledge of threatened heritage artefacts, museums, monuments, documents and sites and make them accessible for citizens across Europe and for future generations. The aim of the competence centre will be to assist and help cultural heritage institutions in adopting, making use innovative use of digital technologies in the cultural heritage domain and to help them to upskill. The Competence Centre should also support cultural institutions by sharing best practices on technical, legal, and online publishing requirements, etc. as well as increasing cooperation in the sector, with a special attention to 3D technologies and corresponding standards.

DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-21-2020: Mentoring scheme for schools

This action will build, coordinate and seek to expand an inclusive pan-European network of schools where schools (school leaders and teachers) interested in pedagogical uses of ICT can build their know-how by learning from their more advanced peers through demonstrations of best pedagogically sound practice. The action will in particular focus on mainstreaming the innovation process, which leads to positive results, using a policy-connected approach by involving policy-makers at regional and national level.

DT-TRANSFORMATIONS-23-2020: Digital Accessibility Observatory

Web accessibility means that everyone, including persons with disabilities, are able to better perceive, understand, navigate and interact with the Internet. This action will support the implementation of the Web Accessibility Directive.

The objective of this call for Coordination and Support Actions is to set up a digital accessibility observatory as a forum to take stock of market and technological developments, monitor progress in digital accessibility and provide opportunities for exchange of best practices.

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Coordinator: Rehana SCHWINNINGER-LADAK (European Commission, DG Communications Networks , Content and Technology - Directorate G Media and Data, Luxembourg), Cristina MAIER (European Commission, DG CONNECT G2 Interactive Technologies, Digital for Culture & Education, Luxembourg), Gudrun STOCK (European Commission, CNECT/G-3 Accessibility, Multilingualism and Safer Internet, Luxembourg)

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