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Hall 3, 20/09/2019 (13:15-13:55)

S+T+ARTS=STARTS, innovation at the nexus of Science, Technology, and the ARTS, is a program that attempts to bring in artistic creativity in the in research and innovation projects funded in H2020. The role of artists here can be manifold, pushing technological limits, reflecting on technology impact, or thinking of new forms of human-machine interaction. This session will elaborate on the various strands in the WP2020 that include STARTS activities: the CSA devoted to STARTS and STARTS prize in ICT-44 (next generation media),strong links to art in one area of DT-ICT-05-2020 (Big Data), and in particular the inclusion of art-technology hubs in the 'cognitive systems' subtopic of DT-ICT-03-2020 (I4MS)

Track: Societal Challenges


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