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Hall 3, 20/09/2019 (13:15-14:30)


The networking session will cover topics aiming at innovation in 5G mobile communications and also at research and innovation on smart connectivity (beyond 5G) for a Next-Generation Internet.

The previous phases of 5G Public Private Partnership have successfully supported R&I ranging from the technologies and architectures developments to 5G systems validation and early 5G trials for industry verticals sectors. The topics to be presented during this session aim at leveraging 5G technologies towards downstream innovations both at service and product levels, at maintaining a significant long-term commitment to prepare 5G "Long Term Evolution", and to bridge into smart connectivity platforms. The envisaged research and innovation should, among others, significantly contribute to building a first-class European industrial supply side for core 5G technologies. They should also contribute to the successful implementation of 5G-based cross-border corridors for Connected and Automated Mobility in the EU and prepare for future deployment phases under the next European Union multi-annual framework programme (MFF).

The session will span over two timeslots (Part I and Part II), just before and after the lunch break on Friday 20th September. It will start with presentations by the European Commission on the content of the four topics (ICT-41-2020, ICT-42-2020, ICT-52-2020 and ICT-53-2020). The 5G Infrastructure Association (5GIA) will then give some information on their activities as well as their views about participation and proposal coverage in the above topics.

Afterwards, potential proposers have the possibility to take the floor for short presentations (4 minutes each maximum) of the ideas or the expertise they could bring to a potential proposal. If you are interested to do so, please remember to upload in the session “From 5G Innovation to Beyond 5G” webpage your presentation before 16th September 12:00 noon CET, otherwise we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide a slot for it.

Track: 5G & Next Generation Internet


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