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Hall 3, 19/09/2019 (16:00-17:15)


ICT-48-2020: Towards a vibrant European network of AI excellence centres

a) Research and Innovation Actions (RIA)

The objective of this action is to develop networks of excellence centres aiming at boosting the research capacity in Europe and the status of Europe as a research powerhouse for AI, and making it attractive for scientists and new talents. This initiative is also expected to contribute to the development of ethical and trustworthy Artificial Intelligence, the trademark for AI “made in Europe”. Such networks are expected to mobilise researchers to collaborate on key AI topics, to reach critical mass on these topics and to increase the impact of the funding in progressing faster in joined efforts rather than working in isolation, with fragmented and duplicated efforts.

b) Coordination and Support Action (CSA)

The coordination and support action will help develop synergies and exchange between the selected projects, and with other relevant projects, such as the AI-on-demand platform, and the community at large, both academic and industrial. It will support the running projects in allowing economies of scales regarding common activities run by the individual networks (e.g.: organization of events, logistics support for calls for FSTP, exchange mechanisms among labs, etc.), exchanges of best practices to reinforce and optimize cooperation, etc. It is also expected to support the RIA projects in their dissemination activities towards industry, users, and citizens.

ICT-49-2020: Artificial Intelligence on demand platform

This topic builds on the AI-on-demand-platform funded in ICT26-2018-20, a reference access point gathering and providing access to AI-related knowledge, algorithms and tools and access to related infrastructures, equipment, and data resources, offering also experts support to potential users of AI in order to facilitate the integration of AI into applications, making it a compelling solution for users, especially from non-tech sectors.

This activity aims at consolidating the eco-system by bringing in a larger user community, especially from the non-tech sector, and by reinforcing the service layer of the platform. At this stage, it will be particularly important to refine mechanisms to ensure the platform's long-term sustainability. The platform should provide a good European coverage, both in terms origin of the resources made available on the platform, but also in terms of users of the platform, making sure its resource is available everywhere in Europe.

H2020-SU-AI-2020: Artificial Intelligence and security: providing a balanced assessment of opportunities and challenges for Law Enforcement in Europe

The call addresses the following questions related to Artificial Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs for short):

1. How can AI help LEAs in preventing, detecting and investigating criminal activities and terrorism and in monitoring borders?

2. At the same time, in order to support LEAs in their work, how can the malicious use of AI tools for criminal activities and terrorism be prevented?

3. How can the AI tools used by LEAs be protected against cyber threats and attacks?

4. How can AI help in protecting LEA infrastructures from cyber threats and attacks?

The following topics of the abovementioned call will be presented:

• SU-AI01-2020: Developing a research roadmap regarding Artificial Intelligence in support of Law Enforcement

• SU-AI02-2020: Secure and resilient Artificial Intelligence technologies, tools and solutions in support of Law Enforcement and citizen protection, cybersecurity operations and prevention and protection against adversarial Artificial Intelligence

• SU-AI03-2020: Human factors, and ethical, societal, legal and organisational aspects of using Artificial Intelligence in support of Law Enforcement

More information can be found in the WP 2018-2020 - Secure societies - Protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens.

Recording of the session

Agenda and other documents

Coordinator: Juha HEIKKILÄ (European Commission, Robotics & AI, DG Connect, Luxembourg), Cecile HUET (European Commission, Luxembourg), Rafael TESORO CARRETERO (European Commission, Unit CNECT.H1 - Cybersecurity Technology and Capacity Building, Belgium), Irene SARDELLITTI (European Commission, Robotics and AI, Luxembourg)

Track: Artificial Intelligence & Technologies for Digitising European Industries


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