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Ballroom B and C, 09/04/2019 (09:30-11:15)

Presentation of the next steps of the Guidelines by Commissioner Gabriel

Presentation of the AI Ethics Guidelines by the AI HLEG Chair Pekka Ala Pietila.

Panel A: discussion of guidelines and trustworthy AI with Ministers from EU Member States

  • Mr Petr Očko, Deputy Minister for Industry and Trade Czech Republic
  • Ms Mona Keijzer, Dutch State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy
  • Mr Marek Zagorski, Minister of digital affairs, Poland
  • Mr Andrea Cioffi, State Secretary at Ministry of economic development, Italy
  • Ms Jekaterina Rojaka, Vice-Minister of the Economy and Innovation, Lithuania

Panel B: discussion of global approach to ethical AI with third countries, EU Member States, and stakeholders

  • Ms Aimee Van Wynsberghe, Assistant Professor of Ethics and Robots, Delft University of Technology,
  • Mr Christoph Peylo, Global Head of Bosch Centre for Artificial Intelligence
  • Ms Francesca Rossi, Research Staff Member, IBM Research AI TBD
  • Mr Bertrand Pailhès, coordinator of the national strategy in artificial intelligence, France
  • Mr Marco Blouin, Director General Science and Innovation, Ministry of Economy and Innovation of Quebec, Canada.
  • Mr Fumikazu Sato, Deputy Director General at Cabinet Office (Japan)
  • Mr Torsten Andersen, Deputy Director General, Danish Business Authority
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