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Date: 25/06/2018 (17:15-18.30)

The Southern Mediterranean region with its 300 million inhabitants is a place of opportunities for stakeholders in the digital domain for the shared benefits of both the Northern and the Southern shores of the sea. In addition to the known fact that the EU is the main trading partner of the region, the latter has a young highly educated and tech-savvy population, geographically and linguistically close to Europe, and which could cooperate with us to develop innovative products and services. Cooperation can foster opportunities, growth, jobs and social development in the region. More high value local jobs would also offer alternatives to emigration or extremism.

Cross-Mediterranean digital cooperation is an untapped potential that the Digital Assembly 2018 wants to unveil. The Plenary Session on South Med will be the forum to discuss topics ranging from the role of women in the digital economy & society to fighting the brain drain, digital entrepreneurship including start-ups and production of local content. Panellists will debate what steps are necessary to unleash the power of digital innovation, and to support the creation of start-ups and the growth of the existing ones. They will address questions such as:

• Where is the benefit for EU companies to cooperate with the South Med on digital?

• How to unleash the South Med potential?

• How to stimulate local digital entrepreneurship?

• How to boost the creation of local digital content?

• How to increase women’s participation in digital entrepreneurship?

List of already confirmed speakers and panellists: see below.


  • Mariya GABRIEL (Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, European Commission, Belgium), Speaker
  • Mohamed ABBES (Public Policy Director, GSMA, United Kingdom), Overview of digitalisation in the South Mediterranean Region

    "Crash course" on the socio-economic features of digitalisation in the South Med for an audience that may insufficiently know about the region and in particular about its potential. Examples and opportunities for cooperation offered by the research, innovation and business environment in the South Med.

  • Francisco VELÁZQUEZ DE CUÉLLAR (President, Axon Partners, Spain), Panellist
  • Yahya AL-SALQAN (Chairman of Palestinian IT Association of Companies and CEO of Jaffa.Net Software, Palestine, State of), Panellist
  • Ameni MANSOURI (CEO and co-founder, DABCHY), Panellist
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