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Energy Specialist

I am a mechanical engineer within the transportation and energy industries working on major projects for many years.

I am extremely committed to as maintenance and project engineer with the ability to take on responsibility, good communication skill, and fast learner, able to work alone or as part of the team, able to throw myself whole –heartedly into projects.

Since 2005, I have been working on industrial systems. But after March 2007 have been dealing underground/metro projects. That is why my skills include ability to manage projects on underground/metro in all phases from planning to designing, construction and operation and asset management’s (assembling, maintenance, breakdown etc.) about wagon and depot management. Also recent achievements have included designed for bogies of Tram Istanbul.

Professional experience also includes acting as a leader or a flexible team member for all multi-disciplinary engineering works include short term contracts, re-organized work to increase efficiency & productivity. For last two years, I working for different equipment of coal fired power plants, energy efficiency projects and renewable energy as a business development engineer.

Web site: http://www.iso.org.tr