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New Digital Opportunities

Date: 16/06/2017 (13:30-16:00)

This workshop which will focus on the socioeconomic implications of digital disruption consists of two discussion panels; the first one focuses on the opportunities and implications of FinTech, and the second looks into the untapped potential of Europe.

Panel 1: The case of FinTech - Can we read the future?

Appraising the full potential behind the Fintech is no easy task, particularly when one considers developments in ancillary fields, such as AI, cyber security block chain technology and digital authentication. This panel will discuss how FinTech will re-shape economic activity and what is its impact on the wider society.

Panel 2: Europe, a land of digital opportunities

The panel will focus on how the EU can best support digital start-ups and scale-ups to help it reach its entrepreneurship and innovation objectives, leading to wealth creation and prosperity of the EU citizens. Discussion is also expected on how start-up activities may reinvigorate regions, creating new investment flows.

If you are interested in this or related topics please register for this workshop! Your views and discussions can help shape European policies that impact Digital Opportunities in Digital Disruption.

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