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How to make the most of the digital transformation

ATTENTION NEW ROOM D: Michel'Angelo Grima,, 16/06/2017 (13:30-16:00)

Digital disruption, the skills of the future and how digital internships and digital innovation hubs can support the transition

The workshop will address the challenges brought by the digital transformation, the impact on the labour market, work, jobs and skills. How can both public and private sector accompany this transition, mitigate the negative effects, make good use of existing funding and social protection systems, leverage technology for new forms of work organisation and re-train and up-skill people?

Solutions exist to turn challenges into opportunities and the workshop will showcase how digital innovation hubs and digital internships could play a role. The session builds on the policy recommendations from the Digital Day in Rome and will also integrate relevant points raised in the EC's Staff Working Document on the Digital Single Market mid-term review which was presented by the Commission in May 2017.

Panel 1

This panel will address how accelerated training programs and internships can help improving students' and graduates' skills in digital. The session will discuss the skills needs, the curricula design, the collaboration between industry and higher education, existing best practices and how the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition can be mobilised to support the acquisition of new skills.

Panel 2

This panel will address the particular challenges faced by SMEs in reskilling and upskilling their workforce for a successful digital transformation. It will seek to identify the best solutions to these challenges and how in particular digital innovation hubs and digital learning tools can contribute.

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  • Saskia VAN UFFELEN (Ericsson, Belgium), Moderator, Panel 1
  • Paola INVERARDI (Università dell'Aquila, DISIM, Italy), Panel 1, The perspective of a university rector
  • Domingos GUIMARAES (Digital Champion Portugal, Portugal), Panel 1, Views from Digital Champion and coding boot camp activist
  • Svenja DE VOS (Leaseweb Global, Netherlands), Panel 1, The companies' perspective
  • Remco DE BRUIJN (Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, Netherlands), Panel 2, Smart Industry & turning digital opportunities into new business
  • Kiyoshi MORI (Japan), Panel 2, The international perspective
  • Sarah ATKINSON (CA Technologies, Communications, United Kingdom), Panel 1, Real-life experience with digital training programmes
  • Victor NEGRESCU (European Parliament, Romania), Moderator, Panel 2
  • Ahmad ISSA (Fraunhofer IPA, Germany), Panel 2, Insights from the Future Work Lab


  • José Manuel LECETA (Red.es, state owned company attached to the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda, Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda, Spain), Panel 2, The experience of a National Agency for Digital Transformation
  • Angele GIULIANO (iSmart / Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs, Business Development, Malta), Panel 2, Views of a Maltese entrepreneur
  • Fabio MASSIMO, Panel 1, Digital SMEs training new digital talent
  • Mario MARINIELLO (European Commission), Rapporteur, wrapping up the session
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