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Digital Single Market Events Profile

Digital Single Market Events Profile

Having an Events Profile makes it faster and easier to use the features on the websites of many events organised by or with the support of DG Connect.

  • Create your profile once and then use it from one event to another
  • Features can include creating a public profile; registering; proposing exhibitions and networking sessions; posting comments and contacting other website users.
  • The features available can change from one event to another but your profile does not!

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Creating Your Profile

If you do not have a profile already then you will be asked to create one on the 'Log-in' page of the event in which you are interested.

You will receive an onscreen message if you try to create a profile with an email address that is already in use.

Most likely, this means you have in the past signed up to one of our other event websites using the Digital Single Market Events system, and therefore already have an Digital Single Market Events Profile:

  • Forgotten your log-in or password details? No problem. Follow the 'Forgot Your Password?' link on the 'Log-in' page of the event.
  • Once you have successfully logged in, you will come to a profile form with your information from the most recent event (organisation and address information, texts about you, photo, etc.) automatically filled in. You can edit this form to update your details and then click Save.

Raise Your Profile: Go Public

Some events will allow you to have a public profile. You can upload links to your websites, some documents for visitors to download and a photo so people will be able to recognise you at the event.

More about your Public Profile:

  • It does not include your email address
  • You must have a public profile to contact other site users - and be contacted by them - before and after the event (see What is the "Email Me" function?, below)
  • You can Publish and Edit it at any time

Note: If you change the public status of your profile, it will be changed on all events sites that feature your profile.

What is the "Email Me" function?

What is it? All site users who add this feature to their Public Profile will be able to contact each other. You therefore cannot use this feature to contact others unless you activate this feature yourself, allowing them to contact you.

The following anti-spam measures are in place:

  • Your email address will not be published on-line
  • Instead, users will need to log in and fill in a form. You will receive their message by email. You will only give the sender your email address if you choose to reply
  • You will be able to report unsuitable emails. If we judge a user to have mis-used this feature, we will prevent them from using it again.
  • Note that the above information is included in each email, and that other anti-spam measures are being considered. If they are added, you will be informed.

How do I activate "Email Me"? Simply check the relevant box in your profile, and make sure you have a Public Profile. These checkboxes are at the bottom of the form.

How do I Add Comments?

What is it? Some event sites allow you to leave comments on Conference Sessions, Networking Sessions and Exhibits. Look for the 'Add a Comment' link at the bottom of these pages. Your comment will appear immediately on the page, and will include a link to your Public Profile, so people interested in your comment can find out more about you (see Raise Your Profile, above). Your Profile will also link to all of your comments across the site, so other participants can see at a glance where your interests lie and what your opinions are. If you do not have a Public Profile then only your first name, last name and organisation will be published.

Your Privacy

We are committed to user privacy. Please read our privacy statement.