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EU Actions on 112

Currently 48% of EU citizens are aware that the European emergency number 112 can be used across the EU in case of emergency. The European Commission takes specific actions to increase this awareness.

Awareness-raising campaigns

2016 Letter to Erasmus+ National Agencies

2014 EU wide launch of promotional videos and Letter of Vicepresident Neelie Kroes to 112 National Authorities

2013 campaign with tour operators and travel agents.

2012 campaign with transport companies.

The latest E-communications household survey shows how much people know about 112 across the EU.

Specific information and games for children.

112 promotional items such as logos and leaflets are availble for download.

February 11 is the European 112 Day. On this day, different awareness and networking activities are organised throughout the EU in order to promote the existence and use of Europe's single emergency number.

Monitoring the implementation of 112

The 2016 Implementation report shows how Member States have implemented the emergency number 112.

Previous Reports

Supporting 112 projects

The European Commission, as part of its research activities, is financing different projects related to the European emergency number 112, such as:

  • A pan-European in-vehicle eCall which, in case of car crashes, calls 112;

  • Project Reach 112 looks at alternative ways of communication to traditional voice telephony (such as real-time text coversation), which will improve access to emergency services for people with hearing or speech impairments or people with serious injuries;

  • a project run by the World Health Organisation (WHO), which assessed Emergency Medical Services' (EMS) systems.

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