Zuzana Nehajova is in Slovakia, Advisor to the Ministry of Economy


Zuzana.Nehajova [at] mhsr [dot] sk

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In Directorate General for Innovation and Business Environment, in the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, she is responsible for the national strategy for supporting innovation, clusters and startups, improving the business environment and digital economy.

Previously, as a Director at the Department of Financial Strategy for Economic Growth at the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, she was responsible also for the implementation of financial instruments and Public-Private-Partnership projects.

Zuzana holds a Doctorate of Law and Master degree in Financial Management from the Comenius University in Bratislava. She gained LL.M., Law degree from the University of California, and also from the Universita di Bologna and Universität Hamburg.

Zuzana has an extensive professional experience in international law, European law and financial law. She started her career as a lawyer in Infoma Business Trading, a company specializing in fields of engineering and afterwards held a position in an Italian law firm, specializing in corporate law and financial markets. Her professional experience has been also enriched during her professional engagement at the Directorate-General for Trade of the European Commission.