The Women in Digital (WiD) Scoreboard is a tool to measure and assess the participation of women in the digital economy. It will present annually Member States' performance.

The WiD scoreboard brings together 12 indicators under 3 areas:

  • Internet use
  • Internet user skills 
  • Specialist skills and employment

Women's participation in the digital sector, ICT related areas and STEM fields have been declining over the past years in Europe according to the study, Women in the Digital Age, published by the European Commission. One of the key findings showed that there are data gaps in measuring the participation of women in digital in Europe. 

This annual scoreboard will provide the Commission and EU countries with fact-based information that can be analysed and used to improve targets.

The scoreboard allows four main types of analysis:

  • General performance assessment: general characterisation of the performance of individual Member States through their overall index score and the scores of the main index dimensions.
  • Zooming-in: pinpointing the areas where Member State performance could be improved by analysing individual indicators.
  • Follow-up: assessing progress over time.
  • Comparative analysis: comparing countries at similar levels of digital development so as to flag the need for improve relevant policy areas.

Read how your country is faring in terms of women's participation in the digital economy